T-Zone Matifier Blemish Free Complex


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The T-Zone is a section of the face that spans the forehead down along the nose to the chin. This is an area often affected by excess oil accumulation, which results in a shiny, greasy complexion. This is a novel problem skin formula designed to improve the T-zone. It is comprised of a synergistic complex of Iris Root Extract, Vitamin A, Zinc Sulfate, Capryloyl Glycine, Sarcosine, and Cinnamon Extract.defenses to reduce contamination and fight swelling. They also help reduce existing blemishes and tighten skin pores, visibly reducing pore dilation and shine associated with oily skin. Formulated as a delicate cream with a powder finish, just a few small applications helps the skin present an improved appearance with a uniform, matte, pore-less, and blemish free finish.

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